Reunion - Information for tourists


Telephone services
Fully automated and linked to France by satellite
Water & Electricity
Water is safe to drink. Mineral water is available in restaurants, bars and snack-bars. 220 Volts.
Driving in Reunion
One must have a French on international drivers license. Driving is on the right hand side of the road.
What to wear?
Light summer clothes, but do pack something wool for cooler evenings. July - November, temperature may fall to 10° during the day.
Shops and offices hours
-Offices: between 8h - 12h
                  and 14h - 16h
-Shops: between 8h30 - 12h
                 and 14h30 - 18h
Currency - Banks Credit Cards
Currency used: French Franc
Bank - Credit Cards
Banks are normally open from Monday to Friday between 8h and 16h
Airport at Saint Denis
Bus Services
Taxis, Car Hire, Camper Hire
Medical Services
Health services conform to French standards. ± 1000 doctors, 250 chemists and ± 20 hospitals and clinics.
Island Discovery
Tours by helicopter
4x4 expeditions


Museums forms a big part in the history of Reunion. Below is a selection of museums to visit.

musee.jpg (9834 bytes)
Musee Leon Dierx

museum.JPG (9582 bytes)
Museum D'Histoire

la maison de la vanille.jpg (13963 bytes)
La Maison De La

la jardin de parfums.JPG (14070 bytes)
Le Jardin Des Parfums
Et Des Epices

cooperative de vanille.JPG (9780 bytes)
Cooperative De Vanille

conservatoire.JPG (9588 bytes)
Conservatoire Botanique
National De Mascerin

la maison du volcan.JPG (9170 bytes)
La Maison Du Volcan

la ferme corail.jpg (11408 bytes)
La Ferme Corail

Le Jardin Exotique
villa des chataigners.jpg (11480 bytes)
VIllas Des Chataigners
le vieux domaine.jpg (11128 bytes)
Le Vieux Domaine
le jardin d'eden.jpg (12351 bytes)
Le Jardin D'Eden
stella matutina.jpg (8623 bytes)
"Stella Matutina"
Museum Agricole Et
musee de villele.JPG (11961 bytes)
Musee De Villele
Information: International Code + (262) + 21 00 41

Saint Denis and the North
Old colonial houses, the markets, the State Garden, the shopping streets, the large Tamil temple, the mosque of Saint-Denis and the two Chinese temples.
There are many lookout points.  Contact the Tourist office for more details on International Code + (262) + 41 83 00 or Fax: 21 37 76

The West Coast
In Saint-Paul:-  street market, scenery along the road of the Tour des Roches, marine cemetery, the first French Setller's cave, the sugar factory of Savannah, the traditional Creole homes in the city
In Saint-Gilles:-  The Marinarium, shells exhibition
In Etang Salé:-  the Bird sanctuary in the forest of Etang Salé
In Saint-Louis:-  The Space observatory of Les Makes, Centre artisanal du bois
Lookout points and guided tours.

Saint-Pierre and the South
Saint-Pierre's 'Médiathèque', Saint-Pierre's town hall, places of worship, Saint-Pierre's cemetery, straw huts of Bois d'Olives, The South coast beaches, recent lava flows, the Mare Longue forest in Saint-Phillippe.
Lookout points and guided tours.

The East Coast
Churches and chapels, the hydroelectric factory of Takamaka, deer farm, the Tamil temples.
Lookout point in Ste Rose - lava flow.

The Plains and the Volcano
This is the best area to see the surroundings from a high altitude.
Lookout points are aplenty and guided tours to the volcano.

The Circques
Three large depressions about 10 km in diameter with deep impregnable walls, three thermal spring with temperatures ranging between 31° and 38°.
In Cilias:-  The house of Embroidery, Les Thermes, hamlets of Cilaos
In Salazie:- Village of Hell Bourg and exhibition corner of Mare à Poule d'Eau.
Lookout points and guided tours of the island's outline.

Places of Interest:-

Main exhibition centres open to the public, art galleries, local artist, Creole furnitures.

Saint Denis and the North
Artotheque Du Conseil Général, Carrefour Des Cultures de L'Océan Indien, La Maison Du Mode, Galerie Cadre Noir, Galerie Mon Parnasse

The West Coast 
Galerie Totem, Raymond Fontaine

Saint Pierre and the South
Galerie Vincent, Le Grenier, Centre Artisanal Du Bois

The East Coast
Local Touris Office, Point Expo

A Huge selection of locally produces crafts on sale ! Information: International Code + (262) + 21 00 41

Sensational Reunion:-

On the ground (companies and establishment offering these activities are listed)
Hiking:- approx. 1000km of marked-out paths at Maison De La Montage, A.R.E.R., S.R.E.P.E.N., A.D.R.E.T., Rando Run, Ecologie Renion, Le Guide De Cirque, La Reunion Sport - Natur - Kultur
Canyoning and mountain climbing:-  Reunion Sensations - canyoning, helicanyon, rockclimbing, summit trekking, mountain biking.
Rivers Activities:- Kayak Club de Takamaka, Kalanoro
Horse Riding:-  Centre D'Equitation Du Colorado, Club Hippique De Bourbon, Club Hippique De L'Est, Club Hippique Du Tampon, La Diligence
Mountain Biking:-  La Diligence, Mountain Bike, Parc Du Maido, Rando Bike, V.T.T. Découverte, V.T.T. Evasion
Golf:-  Golf CLub De Bourbon, Golf Du Bassin Bleu, Golf Du Colorado

In the Air (companies and establishment offering these activities are listed)
Free light (paragliding/hang-gliding):- Azurtech, Parapente Reunion
Microlight:- Club Des ulm Du Sud, Felix U.L.M. Run, U.L.M. Enterprise
Helicopter flights:- Air Maido S.A., Heli-Blue, Helliagon, Flying Clubs

Water Sports (companies and establishment offering these activities are listed)
Scuba Diving:- FFESSm. L'Excelsus, Cereps, Corail Club Plongée, Gloria Maris, Groupe Exploration Ocean, Korrigan Ar Mor, Manta Club
Fun board - Surfing:- Reunion Fun Board Club
Big Game Fishing:- Centre De Peche Europa, Marlin Club De La Reunion, Reunion Fishing Club, Bateau Alpha, Bettina, Magnum, Rabindranath
Sailing and watersports:- Club Nautique De Bourbon, Club Nautique De L'Est, Societe Nautique Des Mascareignes
Charter end sailing:- S.N.C Marine Reunion, Mascareignes Marine
Cruises:- Indoceanique Reunion Ships Agency, Mauritius Pride
Water skiing:- Ski Clu De Saint Paul

And for the health concious:- The spa centre: Etablissement thermal "Irénée Accot"  (21 days thermal cures and back to fitness courses)

For more information about these activities, contact International Code + (262) + 21 00 41

Seasonal Reunion:-

When is the best time to visit Reunion?
Reunion has something to offer - something special throughout the whole year. The climate differs between January and July, no big temperature changes are felt and its always sunny. Renion's calendar is marked by traditional fairs and rituals like:
Fruit Season:- December to February
Waterfall's Walts:- March to May
Tropical Winter:- June to August
Flower's Dance:- September to November
Glossary:- Tamil ceremonies- everyone may attend this religious Tamil festivals, cyclones - disruptions caused to everyday life is short-lived, air traffic is usually interrupted for 24 hours, fruits - bananas, pineapples and pawpaws are found all year round, spices - found this at the street markets and supermarkets - essential for the Creole dishes. 
For more information about these seasonal activities, contact International Code + (262) + 21 00 41


Theatres and Shows
Saint-Denis: Theatre De Champ-Fleuri, Theatre Fourcade, Palaxa
Saint-Gilles: Theatre De Plein Air
Le Tampon: Theatre Luc Donat

Saint-Denis: Casino De Saint-Denis
Siant-Gilles: Casino De Saint-Gilles
Saint-Pierre: Casiono Du Sud

Night Clubs
Saint-Denis: Le Beach Club, Le First, La Plantation, Le Wall Street
Saint-Paul: Le Broadway
Saint-Gilles: La Chat Noir, Le Palladium, Dancing Des Riches Noires, Elysee Matignon, Love's La Luna, Moulin Du Tango, L'Opera Bastille, Le Prive, Le Swing
Saint-Pierre: L'Acropole, Le Chapiteau, Le Star Club, Le Madison

Pubs and Cabarets
Saint-Denis: Le Choum -Pub, La Distillerie, L'Elixir, Le Guetali, Le Karaoke, Le Pub Alexander, Le Shaker, le Ti-Bird, Le Ver D'O
Saint-Gilles: La Canne A Sucre, Le Marlin, Le Pub La Case, La Rhumerie
Saint-Piere: Bar-Pub Le 32

For more information about these establishments, contact International Code + (262) + 21 00 41

Conference Facilities:-

For more information about these establishments, contact International Code + (262) + 21 00 41

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