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Mabuasehube is an enchanting and remote part of the harsh Kalahari and offers the most picturesque (and probably the only) camping sites throughout the Kalahari. It is an extension of the Gemsbok National Park, located on the Parks eastern border and covers a mere 1800 square kilometers. 5 Pans can be found here. After the rainfall season, game viewing can be an awesome experience as animals gather at the flooded salt pans for water and nourishment. 


  • The 5 salt pans - Mabuasehube, Khiding, Mpahutiwa, Monamodi and Bosobogola are the biggest attraction this park

  • Other attractions in this area are the Khutse Game Reserve and Gemsbok National Park.

  • Because the Kalahari was home to the San and today is occupied by the few remaining, you can experience life as it was before civilisation by watching how these peaceful people live and viewing the remnants of their ancestors. 


  • Game Viewing: The best viewing time is just after a good rainfall, usually after March or April, where the game gather at the salt pans which are usually filled with water. There is a large variety of antelope to be seen which is what the Kalahari is most known for, as they travel in very large numbers. These attract the odd predator, although few in number in this region, they are there, but are difficult to spot. They include lion, cheetah, hyena and wild dog. 

  • 4X4 Trails: The roads in the park are of course not tarred and after the wet season are sometimes flooded, which makes for a fun  4 x 4 adventure.


As there are accommodation establishments in the park, or surroundings, visitors have to camp. There are no official campsites or facilities, but there are the more favourite spots which are used and are usually very scenic. Visitors must travel in groups of at least two 4X4 vehicles and be well equipped with all the food, water, fuel and equipment needed for the duration of their stay. Permits are also a must.